Fall Is About Change – Part I

There’s something special about the Fall season. There’s the harvesting of all that has been growing and coming into its fullness, and there is also nature’s process of letting go—dropping the leaves in preparation for the new growth of another season. So there are lots of changes taking place, and I invite you to pay more attention to them, allowing them to inspire your own changes and any desire you have to let go.

As we move from the more playful, leisurely pace of summer, September is often the time when we set an intention to get caught up and “get organized.” This comes a little more naturally for those who have children going back to school and are getting into a more regular routine. Even though my two daughters now have children of their own, there’s something about September and the Fall that spurs me on to make some changes. The leaves change colors, the weather cools down, and for me it becomes easier to focus.

Focus is essential this year, because there is a major change: We are currently in the process of buying and moving into our “perfect house” about four blocks away from where we are currently renting. Fortunately, I have moved many times and helped others do the same, so for me it’s actually fun. (A neighbor has a hard time believing that moving can ever be fun!)

This move is also creating the perfect opportunity to let go of another layer (or 2 or 3) of stuff. In my case, papers are my biggest challenge. Yes, I have electronic files and therefore have a lot on my computer, but I am very visual and very tactile, and when I’m working on a project, I like to see and have in front of me several things at once. So, I print out a lot of what I receive electronically. Is this true for you or anyone else you know?

From my point of view, there is nothing “wrong” with having more paper than others might have, as long as we have the space to store it, and have a system to put it in a place where we can find it again. I often tell my clients and students, “Yes, it’s called a ‘filing’ system, but when you are creating it, think of it more as a ‘retrieval’ system.” Where does it make sense for YOU to put it so YOU can FIND it again! I have lots of paper, but for the most part I can find nearly everything I have. (Filing is a topic for another time.—I’m getting side-tracked here!)

In the meantime, I have had a lot of boxes in storage in the 7 years since selling my house and renting a smaller place with my sweetheart. In the last year, I reduced 27 (yes, 27!) boxes of photos, memorabilia and potential family scrapbook materials down to 5 boxes (plus one to each daughter)—a project that was postponed after going through a divorce many years ago.

I am also a copious note-taker and have kept a lot of notes from conferences, workshops, talks, retreats, books, movies, etc. Over the years, I’ve also collected a lot of articles and quotes, plus a multitude of words, phrases and images (for collaging). And, I must confess that, in the midst a very full and busy personal and professional life, I have also put aside (and some times boxed up) the low-priority filing that could “wait until later.” Can anyone relate to this?

As I become more tuned in to the Fall season and all that is changing, I find it the perfect time to appreciate all that I’ve harvested over the Summer months—the special time with loved ones, finding the perfect house, enjoying baseball games and outdoor concerts, the summertime weather and the beauty all around us. This really “fuels” me.

And now I am getting very excited as we get closer to moving. Hopefully this timing, in tune with Nature’s season of harvesting and letting go, will allow everything to flow smoothly and joyfully.  In the last two weeks, I have reduced another 15 boxes of  “resource materials” and filing down to 4! Yay! Knowing each move provides another opportunity to do some shedding, I can once more enjoy the process of “letting go and lightening up.”

Stay tuned for “Fall is About Change – Part II” coming soon, where I’ll share how I’ve been able to make some changes in my mind, that have allowed me to make decisions more easily about what to let go of and what to keep.

In the meantime, may Fall bring you the changes you desire, and, no matter what is going on in your life and around the world, may you take some time to “harvest” and acknowledge the blessings that you have.

Peace and blessings always,





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