Annie has been invaluable to help me create order out of chaos during many transitions in my life.

Susan Kirk, Research Nurse

Annie helped me identify and clear out some mental blocks about clutter. Her support goes way beyond organizing my house. She understands how my brain works, and helps me set up systems that work for me. The places that used to get the most cluttered and totally overwhelmed me, I can now clean up in 10 minutes!

Andrea Dodge, MPH, MSW

Annie has brought light and order into my life; now I have more time and energy for my main interests. She helped me eliminate stress by streamlining my papers and home. She brainstorms with me to come up with creative solutions to my everyday problems and manage my life with more ease. She is joyful and very professional at the same time.

Helen L. Brown, retired

Annie’s approach enabled me to release years of accumulation and open my mind to my perfect home. I now live and work in beautiful and orderly spaces. What a relief!

Melanie Carter, Counselor

One of Annie’s deepest gifts is helping people like me learn that we are capable of making decisions, not only to let go of papers and belongings, but also to let go of the thoughts and beliefs that cause clutter in our lives.

Joyce Thomson, MFT and Rosen Worker

Annie has taken the chaos and anxiety out of my life. She has helped me through several life crises, and helps me get clear about what is important, without guilt! She brightens my day with her positive energy and encouragement.

Pearl Wolffs, 90-year-old widow

Every time I drive into the garage now I smile! I used to cringe. Being organized is empowering and gives me more freedom.

Jenny Jones, Supervisor, Legal Indexing

If you are looking for a heart-centered, fun-loving, experienced professional with integrity to help you clear your clutter, Annie is for you. She serves up her wisdom with joy and loving-kindness.

Anacaria Myrrha, Veteran Professional Organizer,
Artist and Author