Organizing with the Spirit of the Holidays

As we approach the busiest part of the holidays, it often helps to pause throughout each day to remember what the holidays really mean to you. Here’s something to consider. It’s adapted from something I found many years ago in Unplug the Christmas Machine, by Jo Robinson and Jean Coppock Staeheli.

in the true
spirit of
the holidays,
I commit myself to
Remember those people
who truly need my gifts,
keeping in mind that gifts
are not always things.
Express my love in more
direct ways than gifts.
Appreciate the beauty
of everything around me.
Examine my holiday activities in the
light of my deepest values, knowing I am
an expression of Peace, Order and Harmony.
Remember the Light within, even in the darkness.
myself to
growing &
and taking
time for
just being.

Blessed be.

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