New Beginnings

AS 2012 BEGINS, perhaps you have made some New Year’s Resolutions…or not.
It is well known that “getting organized” is often at the top of our to-do lists when a new year begins. Perhaps you find yourself saying, “Here we go again…another year and I’m still not organized,” or, “Can I ever get organized?” or  “At this rate, I don’t think I’ll ever get organized.” These thoughts can really drag you down and make you feel like a failure…again. Sound familiar?

How About a New Beginning and a Fresh Approach?

1. Reflect on 2011…all sorts of things may have happened that felt like real challenges and created a lot of stress…AND, I invite you to go back through last year and make a list of all that you accomplished during 2011. (I like to take out my calendar and review it during this process.)

  • Think about the things you did at home that you felt good about—some home repairs or improvements, cleaning out a drawer, a tool shed or a flower bed, preparing special meals, creating new recipes. And how about at the office as well?
  • Think about the joy you brought to a friend, a neighbor, or a store clerk, for example, because you took the time to say thank you, offered them a ride, cooked them a meal, watched their children.
  • Think of the support you received from someone.
  • Think about the events you planned, the vacation(s) you went on, the surprise gift you received, the letter(s you wrote or card(s) you sent.
  • Think about the progress you made on some project—at work, at home, as a volunteer, an employee, an entrepreneur.
  • Think about a book you read, a workshop you attended, a talk you heard that inspired you.
  • Think about something new you learned—figuring out a new smart phone or software program, getting on Facebook, connecting with old friends and making new ones.
  • Think of other new discoveries, new adventures, new learnings, new insights, new growth experiences.
  • Think of the people you spent time with who made you feel good.
  • Think about family members you love unconditionally, and those who love you.

2.  Take time to be grateful for everything on your list (and remember, you can always add to it as you as think of more). Recognize that, no matter how many challenges and disappointments you may have had, there were a lot of things that lifted you up and brought you some sense of joy or accomplishment—that warmed your heart.
It’s easy to dismiss these things, or not even take the time to make this list, but when you stop, recognize and acknowledge things that are working in your life—even if they seem very small—there is often a shift in your thinking that begins to move your forward. Start paying attention to what IS working!

3. Review your 2011 list and recognize how much you survived, lived through, and actually enjoyed! Then as you’re thinking about what you want to accomplish in 2012, or if you get a little bit discouraged, remember all that you did in 2011!

Feeling better about yourself puts you in a better frame of mind to tackle some new challenges and create more of what you want in your life. How much easier it is to start your New Beginnings with a smile on your face!

New Thought for 2012:

I am choosing to experience an ever-increasing sense of clarity, peace, order, balance, harmony, joy, and freedom in my life.

And so it is!

One Response to New Beginnings

  1. antonia cruz ruiz says:

    Hi Annie: Congradulations!!!! If you do not recognize the name we did Ellen’s class together. This looks fabulous!!! I will try to come to one of your events, I have to check out my calendar. Just wanted to let you know that I am so excited for you.
    Much Love and Many Blessings,